The legislation will provide general guidance for the development of VFC guidelines, including eligibility, hiring suppliers and thinking about negotiating contracts with manufacturers. The VFC program, which was commissioned on October 1, 1994, is an unprecedented approach to improving vaccine availability across the country by providing free vaccines to children licensed to receive CFVs by registered public and private operators. (1) DEFINED. – In this section, the term «program» refers to registered suppliers, Unless otherwise stated, any health care provider who – (e) the Medicaid Managed Care plan for immunizing other EPSDT requirements – is required to pass a regulation issue in the Senate to the content of the 1974 Finance Act, in accordance with the «Byrd Rule» (Section 313 of the Congressional Budget Act of 1974). In order to avoid such a possible position on the regulation, the conference agreement does not contain the provision of the House of Representatives. Conference participants did not comment on the merits of the provision. The conference agreement does not require program providers to be vaccinated for every child who wishes to be vaccinated. The Conferees clearly intend that this program would respond to as many children as possible, but the Conferees felt that it was impractical to require any provider who shot a child who was being vaccinated in his office to immunize any other child in search of vaccines, whether in his office or not. Such a requirement could quickly be used to expel all providers from the program. However, the Conferees intend the secretary to try to encourage program providers to participate as much as possible.

The Conferees also prohibited program-registered providers from denying the vaccine to any vaccinated child (state or federal) because the child`s family is unable to pay for the vaccine.